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Toggl Track is a web-based platform that helps you manage your projects, team members, billing, time tracking, and invoicing. It is designed to make managing projects, and projects-related data such as time tracking, time estimates, tasks, and milestones super simple. Project management tools are often used in teams, and in many cases can turn out to be a complete and total mess. A time tracking tool can be even better as it has the power to automate and simplify your entire time management. With Toggl Track, you can add all the areas of your projects and be sure that all the data is being collected, making it easy to manage, visualize, and analyze in the future. Features Include: - One-Click Timers - Background Time Tracking - Auto Tracker - Calendar Integration - Pomodoro Timer - Slack Integration - IFTT Integration - Label Timers - Idle Time Detection - Billable Rates - Calculate Labor Rate by Team Member - Timing and Time Estimation - Project and Revenue Tracker - Gantt Chart - Project Planner - Flexible and Modern UI - Reporting - Agenda View - Attendees/ Participants - Email Reports - Unlimited Billable and Labor Rates - Unlimited Workforce - Unlimited Project Limit - Time Entry Management (roles, hours, types, labels, and more) - Unlimited Tasks - Calendar - Address/ Email List - Create and Retrieve Invoices - Invoice Reminder - Label Timer - Manager reports - Receive Customer Payments - Todoist integration - Trello integration - GitHub integration - Jira integration - Waffle integration - Bugzilla integration - Code milestones - GitLab integration - Slack integration - Team Schedule - Slack reports - A task manager that gives you details about what should be done next, and who's doing it - Change requirements, and products to track user activities - Invoice, Todoist, Calendar, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Waffle, Bugzilla, Jira, Gantt, Slack, Team Schedule and more What's Toggl Track vs Toggl Beside all these features and cool features that make Toggl Track a piece of gold and a productivity tool that you need to have, one cannot forget that the best productivity tools are often